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Use 3 these recruiting tips to grow your network marketing home based business. Success can't be hunted down, you attract it by the person you become and the team you help create.

Traditionally and today, the network marketing home based business approach offers much greater access for average people to pick-up valuable self-employment and business skills at little or no expense.

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Recruiting or Selling Which Do You Prefer Most?

Whether you share your business opportunity with your family and friends or not—you just need to apply your social intelligence—and increase the value of your inner circle. That's what people mean in network marketing when they use the term the gold mine attitude.

The most important and highly paid form of intelligence in America is social intelligence, because social intelligence is the ability to get along with people and help them get what they need and want.

home-based-network-marketingThe global medium and ingenuity of the network marketing home based business economy—thrives on social intelligence—and the value of education by association.

“The value of one of the most important characteristics of greatness. The truly great understand you are only as good as the people you have in your inner circle.”~Coach John Wooden

Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dr. Lilian Glass, John Bradshaw, Jack Canfield, Suze Orman, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Depak Chopra, Mark Hansen, Donald Trump, Ellen Kriedman, John C. Maxwell, Jim Rohn, and Stephen Covey have all been speakers at network marketing events. Why?

Because of their level of social intelligence, interest in social network marketing, and their gold mine attitude.

As reported in this article in the Wall Street Journal, a network marketing or direct sales home based business is considered by many people as: "the Ultimate Social Business Model."

Social capital is the currency of influence. The central idea of social capital in social network marketing—is that "social networks are a valuable asset."

Positive networking and team-building are vital to building a network marketing home based business organization.

Rather than learning to do everything by yourself, it's about learning from resourceful inspiring people and teaching to teach—as you and your team advance collectively.


Sharing The Opportunity With Friends And Family

Is it harder to convince family and friends to help you check out an opportunity and work together in network marketing?

There are actually two ways to look at this objectively.

Some new distributors will tell you the hardest thing about building a network marketing home based business team—is working with family and friends...

...But, other new distributors will tell you they had to start out working with strangers at their previous jobs—and the hardest thing about their job was working with strange people.

Is it your family and friends that need more understanding or you? You be the judge of your attitude as you increase the value of who you become through network marketing.

The University of Southern Maine's Institute for Family-Owned Business Reports: "35% of Fortune 500 companies are family-controlled. Family businesses account for 50% of U.S. gross domestic product. They generate 60% of the country's employment and 78% of all new jobs."

The other side of the family and friends argument—for building a network marketing home based business — is that familiarity breeds contempt. Many of your good friends and family may never join — no matter how well you improve your attitude.

The take home tip?

You can always achieve the gold mine attitude in network marketing, as long as you associate with a positive reference group and bring enough to the table to help people get what the need and want out of life.


 To Succeed In Network Marketing Look For Dissatisfied People

A critical factor for you to consider in your search for network marketers to associate with or sponsor — is that the chief enemies of excellence are satisfaction and complacency.

Wouldn't you tend to agree that people who join network marketing do so—because they are dissatisfied with the staus quo— and would like to make changes in their career and lifestyle?

Despite what they've done in the past to earn them a reputation, wouldn't you agree then that people who are too confident, too comfortable, or too satisfied—may not to be willing enough to change their situation?

The critical factor to consider most then — for building a network marketing home based business — is to associate with nice people that are dissatisfied and willing to take responsibility.

People are really only happy to the degree that they can be excellent at what they do.

If you want to do something badly enough in life, if you are dissatisfied enough, you will attract the people and circumstances that will help you rise to the occasion.

I've found people who chase down diamond distributors to have them sign them up.

Then that new recruit can't understand why that "diamond" might also be resting on their laurels or "too satisfied" in a comfort zone, to support that new member.

It also baffles and amazes some people — to witness the network marketing success of those who start out with little money — and then become excellent at building massive global organizations.

“There's no university like adversity.” ~Benjamin Disraeli

Nice people who are dissatisfied enough — not only change their circumstances, but will often take responsibility to help others change theirs.


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