Using Catchy Slogans To Create
Meaning And Emotional Rapport

Catchy slogans for business should create emotional appeal—an unrivaled perception that your idea is different. Use this list of 43 slogans for examples,  then create your likeability promise—a slogan or catchy phrase that consumers bond with and clobbers competition.

How Catchy Taglines For Business
Create Value And Brand Rapport 

rapport and catchy taglines for businessThe lure of a catchy, captivating slogan can instantly elevate our imagination and trust by establishing agreement and likeability.

If you were to view this video about the power of rapport, it may give you a sense of how to improve your intuition and conjure up a crowd pleasing slogan.

Catchy business slogans are used to clarify, sweeten, and simplify the perfect perception of a niche an influential marketer wants to target.


How Famous Advertising Slogans
Build A Relationship of Rapport

Study these slogan examples below to shore up your imagination, then create a slogan or likeability promise that connects your audience with a relationship of rapport.

Famous advertising slogans like these in the list below, exemplify this principle of persuasion.


famous advertising slogans build rapport

Catchy slogans communicate a feeling of commonality. Rapport builds friendly, agreeable relationships required to bridge trust and credibility.


Can you hear me now? ... Famous advertising slogans are best liked for the classy, convincing style they translate satisfying ideas and emotions:

  • “Try walking into Merrill lynch and asking for Mr. lynch.” ~Goldberg-Pollen
  • "When you bring out the Hellman's you bring out the best." ~Hellman's Mayo
  • “Does it make sense to jump out of a warm bed into a cold cereal?” ~Quaker Oats
  • "It's morning somewhere." ~Racetrac Coffee
  • “Chicken of the Sea.” ~Starkist
  • “Think Outside of the bun.” ~Taco Bell
  • “Imported from Detroit.” ~Chrysler
  • “Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi generation.”
  • “In 1944 you won the war together. Isn’t it worth $1.50 to spend five minutes with him again?” ~Northwestern Bell Telephone Company
  • “Pick Enterprise. We’ll pick you up.” ~Enterprise Rental
  • “The antidote for civilization.” ~Club Med
  • “Unwrap Paradise.” ~Almond Joy
  • “Relentless pursuit of perfection.”~Lexus
  • “Enter Canada with Confidence.”~PanCanadian Immigration Law Group
  • “Nothing can stop a Trane.” ~Trane Air Conditioners
  • “Because I'm worth it.” ~L'Oréal
  • “We're not TV, we're HBO.”~Home Box Office
  • "Working Differently." ~Elance
  • "The best part of waking up is soldiers in your cup" ~Folgers
  • “We know drama.” ~TNT Television
  • “Aren’t you glad you use Dial? Don’t you wish everybody did?”
  • "You'll wonder where then yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent."
  • “The Champagne of bottled beer” ~Miller
  • “If it’s got to be clean, it’s got to be Tide.”
  • "Call Roto-Rooter and away go troubles down the drain."
  • “If you think asparagus has a lot of iron, you don’t know beans.” ~Van Camp Beans
  • "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions? ~Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

The pictures painted by the words of catchy names and slogans, highlight meanings that guide consumers to see and feel things in a certain way. Click to see why word blends can interact with our imagination in brilliant, unexpected ways.

First brainstorm clever business names and catchy slogans that are suggestive of the market niche you want to specialize in.

Famous slogans that guide consumers to see and feel things in a certain wayThen use your name and slogan to characterize that specialist perception and dominate the niche you want to become the leader in.

Amazon is a perfect example of this niche marketing strategy. Their name and original slogan was characteristic of the market category they created. Amazon's first slogan was "Earth's Biggest Bookstore."


Yankee Doodle And Catchy Slogans:
The Plain Truth About Branding


Catchy Slogans Spirit of '76 Yankee DoodleIn a nutshell, branding can be defined as Yankee Doodle. Catchy slogans and outrageous business names are the heartbeat of this Hollywood, Manhattan type marketing.

Yankee Doodle strategies are used by Motley Fool, Legally Blonde, Yahoo type winners, who Google Youtube and surf the Amazon to Kindle books. 

  • “There’s no equal.” —Sweet ‘N Low
  • “Take No Prisoners.” —Dove Ice Cream
  • “Nothing runs like a Deere.” —Tractors
  • “We know drama.” —TNT Television
  • “Just Do It!"—Nike

As the term doodle first appeared in the early 17th century, it is thought to derive its meaning from the Hessian soldiers', Low German dudel or dödel, meaning "fool" or "simpleton."

Americans who used Yankee as their new self-identity, also used the term, doodles to describe the enemy soldiers they fought and conquered.


Why Catchy Slogans Are Critical To 
Your Name And Website Branding

An effective website slogan should used in conjunction with your name and logo — to create an inviting image which increases the value of your website branding and preferred choices of your customers.

Catchy slogans are used to clarify and simplify the most valuable selling point(s) of your site — within click seconds of visitor arrival — or likity split departure.

Catchy or famous slogans will often provide something specific in the wording — that shows us, not tells us — about the style and personality of the people behind a brand or website niche.

A website tagline or catchy slogan is a friendly phrase or introduction that sums up the most valuable selling point(s) of your business in a nutshell.

Using Your Website Slogan To Market Your Brand Story Click the pic to learn about overused buzzwords.

The slogan message on your website shows visitors how you want the style and focus of your business to be known and remembered most.

If a website tagline is effective, it will have a favorable message used to help distinguish your business as the new preferred choice — to supply visitors' underserved needs.

Like many famous advertising slogans, perhaps the word blend of a winning slogan will interact with our imagination in brilliant, unexpected ways — hinting at the feeling of why a certain business succeeds so well.

Learn persuasive sensory language here at

Supercharge the sensory words of your slogan by learning about concrete details here at

Like finding and helping good friends, marketing and branding is a game of perceptions; whatever your perception is...that becomes your reality. Its real simple: whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.

  • “A Diamond is forever.”—De beer's Diamonds

  • “ and you're done.”

  • “World's Online Marketplace.”—eBay
     (First slogan: “Buy it, sell it, love it”)

  • “Think Different.”—Apple
     (First slogan: “Byte into an Apple”)

  • “Easy as Dell.”—Dell Computer

So present your business philosophy to your customers with true feelings. Amplify those feelings through your business name and the selling points of your slogan, so that your audience will imagine a choice that changes the landscape for second to none benefits.


 Using A Bold, Catchy Slogan To Reframe Your Brand Identity

Hertz was #1, yet Avis rental car was "tied" for second place with National, so Avis reframed their image and positioned their company with this clever slogan:
"When you're only #2, you try harder."

A Vintage Advertising Slogan With the new perception the Avis slogan created, Avis clobbered National Car Rental and rose to the official #2 spot, although after their new slogan came out, Avis said they never tried any harder than they always did.


When the Smuckers learned sales of their preserves were doing poorly because of the Smuckers' family name, the Smuckers loaded up their Yankee intuitiveness and a daring slogan to redefine their brand and business image.

Catchy Slogans Spirit of '76 Yankee DoodleThe Smuckers family used this bold red slogan on the left to reframe their business identity and declare why their jelly is so tasty good.

Turning a negative into a positive often favors those who dare to put themselves in a "got to" situation.

A little audacity will get you in trouble and a lot will get you out. ~Donald Trump

 Spirit of '76 Yankee DoodlePredating the Smuckers' winning strategy, the implication in the Yankee Doodle song of: "stuck a feather in his hat and called it Macaroni,"

... was that Yankees were such dudels (Hessian soldier lingo) ― meaning "fool" or "simpleton" ... perhaps the Yankees must have thought sticking a feather in their cap would make them the height of all fashion. 

The MACARONI WIG (see pic) was an extreme European fashion in the 1770's, yet Yankee fashion was looked down upon as for doodling fools.

Traditions place a version of Yankee Doodle appropriated as a tune sung by British military officers and Hessian (German) mercenaries to mock the Yankee, rag-tag, colonial militia.

Historians say the German mercenaries (Hessians) and British enemy often marched to a pre-Revolutionary War version of their Yankee Doodle song ― first sung to torment Thomas Ditson of Billerica, Massachusetts.

catchy slogans patriotic spirit Thomas Ditson mocked as a Yankee Doodle, was tarred and feathered for trying to buy a musket rifle in Boston (March, 1775). April of 1775 ― Ditson fought here at Concord and at Lexington inciting the July 4, Spirit of '76.

"It's the risk takers that move the human race forward." ~Brian Tracy


After "the shots heard round the world" at Lexington and Concord, Yankees transformed their negative image into a resourceful one ― embracing the catchy Yankee ditty as a must see patriotic tune: (Cagney, Rooney, Garland).

Yankee Doodle do or die is still sung happily and patriotically in America ...even by the Motley Fools on Wall Street. 


Creativity Requires Courage: The Bold Art Of Branding

The French are bold, audacious people. Bold in art and bold in branding their image.

Click the pic below to see a trailer clip of a Frenchman who came to America and committed: "The Art Crime Of The Century" at the Twin Towers.

Clip of The greatest art crime of the century When an artist creates something beautiful — or communicates important ideas or courage with imagination and skill — they enhance today's and the creation of tomorrows reality.

The French probably knew this about the art of branding your image — when they gave us ...and the world The Statue Of Liberty to look up to.

Capturing your dreams or image in words you can identify with — such as a slogan — is a valuable art. Here French American and top branding specialist, Al Ries at Adage, proves long slogans are more effective.

"Act Boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid." ~Brian Tracy

If you saw the movie, THE PATRIOT with Mel Gibson, then you probably know it was the French — with an army of five thousand, four hundred men — who came to the aid and made certain Americans reignited their spirit of '76 for that final rebel victory at Yorktown.


Catchy Slogan Views Enhance The
Image And Value Of Your Business


The Golden Goose And Your Home Based Business Image When marketing the personality of your brand with the alluring words of your catchy slogan, it is critical to think of your business image as your own identity — in a constant state of evolution.

"Identity is the most important power that determines our actions. We will act according to our views of who we truly are — whether these views are accurate or not."
~ Tony Robbins

Jeff Bezos is Amazon. If you're truly an American then you are a Yankee. Your country is the world and your countrymen are mankind

Learn more about this identity concept above from Tony Robbins here.

How your brand image is PERCEIVED by consumers is your most valuable asset, because how you are known to your customers steers their buying habits — whether those decision making views are accurate or not.


Why Curious Names And Catchy
Quite Often Transcend Logic 

Does this hint marketing strategy seems logical to you?: How did "the the world's biggest bookstore" become the Amazon? Or trench coats develop into London Fog? Or hand held widgets transform into Apples?

Yet, many top companies dominate their niche this way — using a finespun hint as their business name — subtitled with an explanatory tagline — that changes as their loaded hint name achieves its marketplace meaning.

Expensive Nike Shoes Nevertheless, consumers are equally odd, often guided by emotional values that cultivate a burning desire for insatiable designer status.

Truth is irrelevant; perception is everything in the emotional world of buying and selling.

Astonishingly, the ingenuity of free enterprise thrives on this entertaining approach to doing business.


The wisdom of brand marketing and catchy slogans seems to transcend its wackiness, because the compensation is massive and the outcome wickedly effective.

More Catchy Business Slogans:

  • “If it wasn't in VOGUE, it wasn't in vogue.”—VOGUE
  • "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." —Las Vegas
  • “Life is Good.” — Jake ($100 million T-shirt company).
  • “It's everywhere you want to be.”—Visa.
  • “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” —Timex

Catchy Business Names | Catchy Words | Captivating Hooks

Using this breakthrough naming technique for catchy business names, many top companies have won the most sustainable, competitive advantage known to business — brand name value.

If you were to study this approach here and this list of 21 catchy name examples — quite possibly you might find yourself creating a business name perfect for your intentions.