How To Create Catchy Business Names

Catchy business names can lure in the most sustainable competitive advantage known to business — brand name value.

If you were to study this approach here and this list of 21 catchy name examples below — quite possibly you might find yourself creating a business name perfect for your intentions.


The 3 Components Of Catchy Business Names:


Catchy Business Names Use A Hint Flint

1.) Satisfying words can trigger pleasing interest for a name crafted as a curious hook or loaded hint.

True-to-life words can sweeten, reframe, or multiply the PERCEIVED value of a name using sensory language.


Brand Promise 2.) Creative taglines or catchy slogans must also be used — to translate the stand alone personality of your business story in a nutshell.

Storyline tags can skyrocket your brand name value and make unobvious names catchy:

Original Brand Story, Promise Tag Examples:

When you're only #2, you try harder.

Toy Surprise Inside!

You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it's free.


Catchy Business Names Should Incorporate Visual Cues
3.) Your engaging logo likeably anchors in emotional rapport — to charm the trust and confidence required to draw our curiosity further inside.



Mastering Catchy Words:
21 Examples of Catchy Names For Business

As you can see from these 21 examples below, like many a popular movie or book title, these names do not state plainly the subject matter or type of business they're involved in, yet their business ideas often catch on fast...Why?

The lure of a catchy business name can instantly elevate our imagination and trust by establishing rapport.

catchy names for business
HOOK: Clever business names crafted as a subtle HINT are more alluring — because catchy names must also be VAGUE.

Hint is a word coined by Shakespeare.

Here's the catch... A well crafted business name is one that immediately elicits viewers' interest.

Catchy names intrigue us — regardless of how much we actually know about the business.

Using a loaded hint flint as a name - or to title art such as a movie is a branding and literary device. Subtlety is a mark of professional confidence.

Standard examples of HINT dazzling names with a HOOK no longer vague to you:

Legally Blonde, Juicy Fruit, Good Fellas, Flintstones, Amazon, Eskimo Pie, Sultans of Swing, Good Earth, Jaws, Cover Girl, Victoria's Secret. WheresMyPants


Catchy Business Names Use A Hint FlintIt’s not that catchy names are purposefully vague so much as they’re trying to sound as neutral as possible — so as not to alienate any consumers.

Fish can't see the HOOK of a well crafted lure.


Singular Identity Logo

The Law of the Bull's Eye:

The target of an influential marketer is a competitive, singular identity. Your silver bullet? ... A well-executed hint.


What's Your Brand's HOOK?: "If the fish sees the hook it won't bite, and if a customer sees a hook they won't buy."   ~Jeremy Miller, Brand Strategist And President Of


How And Why Catchy Business Names
Paint Such A Brilliant Picture 

Memorable Enduring Business NamesNotice how Van Gogh's contrasting colors accentuate each other and guide your eye to enjoy the view from this Cafe Terrace at Night?

The real colors do not change; only our perception of them changes.

So how are the colorful words and meanings of catchy names used to complement each other?

Captivating names standout in our minds. The pictures they paint highlight meanings that guide consumers to see and feel things in a certain way.

The contrast of vague, but amusing words in these names interacts with our imagination in brilliant, unexpected ways.

The real words are not altered; only our perception of their meaning changes.

Out of the blue, catchy business names, such as Amazon, Red Bull, London Fog, or Eskimo Pie are loaded hints positioned to jolt and entertain your curiosity off guard — so as to refocus your attention on the approach and charming personality of the business.

"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something,
than educate people and hope they were entertained." ~ Walt Disney

Catchy business names are best liked for the cool, classy style they translate satisfying ideas and emotions.

Substance is not as important as style here.

Because they are strategic hint flints, brilliant business names, such as Victoria's Secret, Jaws, or Lost In Translation can spark your curiosity and peak your emotional interest.

When consumers discover an amusing association in a name that's a catchy hint, it's designed at first to break their thinking pattern.

Consequently, when your casual or unfocused thinking pattern is broken, the recognition process now has your focused state of attention — to brand the name into your memory bank.

As a result, consumers are much more likely to remember catchy business names and spread those names in social media or word of mouth conversations.

Memory is the scribe of the soul. ~ Aristotle


... So What's The Take Home Lesson?

Ideas For Business Names | Trigger Meaning | Evoke Images

... Ah yes, driven by catchy names for business, percolating ideas, and their gold mine persistence, many a wizened webmaster may find themselves creatively broke in the beginning.

Finding Unique Business Names They'll stop at nothing — investing precious time and serious moonlight searching for the perfect name to pluck out.

Fortunately though — as many of these calculating miners dig deeper, they'll discover how words and names influence our passions and decision making.

They'll stake their claims on sterling resources richer than Comstock Kings!